Welcome to the Telecom-fort Ltd.  homepage – a company of 27 years!


Telecom-fort Ltd. began its operation along with the appearance of mobile telecommunications services in Hungary, and has been working on the development and improvement of national systems ever since. Our main profile includes telecommunications design, implementation, project management, as well as manufacturing telecom specific steel structures according to unique demands.


Our company’s turnkey design and implementation activities first became known by our telecom marketing and mobile base station standardization tasks done on behalf of foreign device manufacturers; which began with the network building of the first national mobile service provider, Westel Rádiótelefon Kft. This meant a significant number of orders for implementation works in Greenfield projects (new telecommunication towers and base stations).
Our founding members, who continue to work with us even today, were all experts working at university in the field of research and improvement. They are credited with, among other things, wireless device development that was later exported; the manufacturing of which was carried out entirely in Hungary


As general implementer, the company gained significant experience starting from the field of radio and microwave device installation and operation, as well as the installation of point to point and point to multipoint microwave connections as an introduction of national digital telecommunication, to our current profile of acquisition, manufacturing and installation of telecommunications towers and other infrastructure development tasks. The generational changes of mobile networks further helped the company’s profile evolve into its current state.


The cooperation of Ericsson Magyarország and Telecom-fort Ltd. began in the early 90s. Our company, as a partner of Ericsson, was responsible for the installation of the first Ericsson-manufactured microwave devices in Hungary. We have collectively designed and built the closed microwave network of the Ministry of the Interior, a part of which was the data transfer network built for the Schengen joining. In the scope of our cooperation we provided engineering and implementation resources for the improvement of Hungarian mobile service provider networks, as well as for other Ericsson projects. Our further significant manufacturer partners were TRT,Philips, Nokia, ZTE, Grante, Sagem, Huawei, CNT, NEC.


In the past few years as our main scope of work we have taken part in the implementation, expansion and modernization of several Hungarian mobile service provider networks. We continuously work on the development of telecommunications service providers’ data-transfer connections. We also took part in the development of different exclusive government networks, as well as in the EDR (TETRA) network.


Apart from our basic profile, such as technological engineering, operation of stations and maintenance services, we also accept complete, turnkey implementation tasks, including acquisition, design, permit processes, construction and steel structure manufacturing.


In order to functionally and efficiently meet the requirements of the handled tasks, the company built its own office building–workshop in Budakeszi in 1999, which enables the manufacturing  of antenna holders and other steel structures required for the installation of mobile networks.


Telecom-fort Ltd. operates according to the ISO 9001 qualification since 1996. In 2003 the company switched to the newer, ISO 9001:2000 qualification, then in 2009 March to the ISO 9001:2008 qualification. Recently, in 2018 March with its renewing audit  the company switched to the ISO 9001:2015 qualification, and operates in accordance with its requirements.


Telecom-fort Ltd. is regarded by its customers as a reliable, accurate and flexible partner that is open to new technologies, challenges, and always works in compliance with any and all regulations. This is what enabled us to be offered different pilot projects. In adjustment to the newer requirements of the unification of wired and wireless implementation, we became the completely independent founding member of the former T4 telecom implementation consortium as per Magyar Telekom Plc.’s request.


Our company is in private ownership, and its experienced leader team and dedicated employees are motivated, and openly accept potential new customers, or to a possible participation in new Hungarian investment projects.


With our collected experience we are looking forward to the implementation of 5G systems as well as to new Customers, Partners.