Current customer circle


Telecom-fort Ltd. received its first tasks from Westel analog mobile service providerís equipment supplier.

The reputation of the newly formed company was helped spread by the represented marketing activities of equipment manufacturers of the time (TRT, Philips, Thomson, Dassault), which activities were carried out by our company. After this period, due to the acknowledged and well-known founders of Telecom-fort Ltd., we received our first work orders.


Our customers have always provided us with reference statements in appreciation of our work of high standards and quality.
We developed a mutually cherished relationship with our customers, and have merged our practical experience within our cooperation.
Our customers have always settled our payment on due time, and thus enabled us to do the same with our subcontractors; this is the foundation of gaining new orders and works.


Our customers include all major Hungarian telecommunications service providers
(Public service providers, Exclusive network operators, Equipment suppliers).


Our companyís dynamic renewal is ensured by our continuously changing and increasing customer circle.
This helps us to become acquainted with requirements of different customers, and to help us get accustomed with different, specific professional cultures.


This greatly strengthens the open-mindedness and flexibility of Telecom-fort Ltd.



As proof of their satisfaction, our customers during larger projects, or during larger investments, have provided us with reference statements of our completed works.