Human resources of Telecom-Fort Ltd.


Manpower sources of the TELECOM-FORT ltd. (employees and subcontractors with whom we have formal agreements for decades):


  • 4 electrical engineers for direct organization, realization leading, technological installation, commissioning, trouble-shooting, training

  • 3 electrical engineers, wireless link designers

  • 1 electrical engineer, working with electronic geographical database and wireless designing program

  • 3 electrical engineers for setting in, checking, retuning tunable units of the microwave equipment

  • 1 mechanical engineer, for structural constructions, realization

  • 1 person for handling the Primavera project managing program, to assist the realization)

  • 4 architects, structural engineers

  • 3 works engineers for technological and building realization and management, commissioning, trouble-shooting, maintenance surveillance

  • 21 mechanics, electronic - and radio engineering technician for the complex realization

  • 12 industrial alpinist

  • 1 heavy current designer

  • 5 heavy current technician with special training for the realization of heavy current work, conducting and recording contact- and lightning protection measurements.

  • 2 geodetic surveyors

  • 4 mechanics with special training for installation of the air-conditioning units and the realization of the air-conditioning- and ventilation system

  • 12 building workers with special training for carrying out the outside and inside building work

  • 10 persons with special and alpinist training for carrying out the steel construction work

  • 2 works engineers, fire protection experts for the designing and realization of the fire-alarm and fire-fighting system

  • 1 work safety expert for inspection of the sites regarding the suitability for safe working.